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    百丈飞瀑(三)作文|百丈飞瀑(三) 英语作文

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    精彩的节目——划船开始啦!The most wonderful program - rowing begins!我们租了一条船,在月亮湖上行驶。船头两侧卷起白色的浪花,船尾拖着一条长长的波纹。We rented a boat and drove on Moon Lake. White waves rolled up on both sides of the bow, and there was a long ripple on the stern.一开始伟大的祖国作文,是我们的老大舅舅开船。他开着开着小学作文,游来一个瓶子,我捞起它,灌好水,像《难忘的泼水节》的人,泼向船外。At first, it was our uncle who started the boat. He opened it and swam to a bottle. I picked it up and filled it with water, like the man in the unforgettable Water Splashing Festival, splashing out of the boat.舅舅开了一会儿,就不想开了,他还说这艘船很好开,我抢先了一步,我就是船长了。My uncle drove for a while, but he didn\t want to drive. He also said that the ship was very easy to drive. I took the lead, and I was the captain.我开船时伟大的祖国作文,学着动画片里的神龙摆尾——一会儿向左边开,一会儿向右边开。船就像一把锋利的刀,把湖水劈成两半。我又来一个闪电飘移——大转弯,船员们个个直喊晕。因这我是船长,所以可以命令他们别喊,他们只好忍着。When I set sail, I learned the dragon in the cartoon to swing its tail - to drive to the left and to the right. The boat is like a sharp knife, splitting the lake in two. I had another flash of lightning - a big turn, the crew were all shouting dizzy. Since I am the captain, I can order them not to shout. They have to bear it.哈,当船长的滋味真爽伟大的祖国作文,五一的百丈飞瀑之行真让人陶醉。Ha, it\s nice to be a captain. The journey to Baizhang waterfall on May 1st is really
    高中作文经典素材 我作文600字 伟大的祖国作文

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