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  • 老师骗人作文|老师骗人 英语作文

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    老师板着脸,推了推眼镜,扫视了同学们一遍:今天我们提前30分钟下课。”Mr. Hu scowled, pushed his glasses and scanned the students: "today we are leaving class 30 minutes in advance."我脸上马上露出了一朵花,心想:胡老师昨天可能中了头奖初中作文关于祖国的作文,脸色不好也许是兴奋的没睡好关于祖国的作文,他啊一高兴才会这么开恩,但是他会不会骗我们呢?I immediately showed a flower on my face, thinking: Mr. Hu may have won the first prize yesterday, his face is not good, maybe he was excited and didn\t sleep well, he would be so generous if he was happy, but would he cheat us?胡老师微微笑了一下,拳头有力地在空中挥舞关于祖国的作文,大声喊道:带你们出去玩游戏好不好!”Mr. Hu smiled a little and waved his fists vigorously in the air. He shouted, "would you like to take you out to play the game?"我一听高兴地跳起来,心想:噢耶!真是太好了。I jumped up happily and thought: Oh yeah! That\s great.教室里人声鼎沸,同学们开始唧唧喳喳地讨论玩什么。The classroom was full of people, and the students began to chirp about what to play.突然胡老师又板起了脸,阴阳怪气地说道:那是不可能的。”All of a sudden, Mr. Hu raised his face again and said, "that\s impossible."唉!又被骗了。Alas! I was cheated agai
    关于祖国的作文 六一作文 悄悄话作文 小学生作文

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