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    My Favourite Sport英语作文一

      I like doing sports very much.My favourite sport is swimming.I often go to swim with my good friend Lily.She likes swimming ,too.And she is very good at it.She always swims better than me.When I am swimming in the pool,I am very happy.I look like a lovely fish in the pond.I enjoy swimming,because swimming can make me strong and healthy.It can also bring me a lot of happiness.Of course,I like watching this sport.I hope I will become a swimmer in the future.

      My Favourite Sport英语作文二

      There are many kinds of sports that I enjoy,such as swimming,running,and dancing.However,the sport that I like most is basketball.When I was in junior high,I started to play basketball in school.At that time,I found I had loved deeply this sport.Now,I would like to watch basketball games as much as I can.The basketball games have given me the most wonderful time in my life.

      My Favourite Sport英语作文三

      I like badminton and basketball,basketball is my favourite sport,I like basketball best.

      I always wear a T-shirt看图写作文,shorts and runners to play basketball. I can throw the basketball in the net, I think it is easy, but someone think it is hard, I can catch the basketball,too. On Sundays看图写作文,I am a bbasketball player.I like to watch basketball game on TV, Yao Ming is my favourite basketball player看图写作文, I want to be a real basketball player someday.

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